Jeff Jarrett contacts Vince Russo. According to the controversial writer, Jarrett contacted him because he wanted to gauge a potential return to TNA.

Jeff Jarrett contacts Vince Russo for return

Vince Russo is a fascinating topic for wrestling fans. Many hate him because he once left WWE to join WCW. Others appreciate him because he knows how to generate interest. Jeff Jarrett knows Russo really well. He knows what he brings to the table. Jarrett recently contacted Vince to ask about his podcast show. Jeff apparently wanted some information on how well it does. According to Russo, Jarrett wanted to know how well the numbers were doing. Vince does five shows a week. So, he is drawing in a decent audience.

Bruce Prichard over Vince Russo

According to Vince Russo, Jeff Jarrett also contacted Bruce Prichard. Jarrett apparently talked to Prichard about numbers for his podcast show as well. Prichard pulls in a pretty good audience. He still carries some clout with wrestling fans. Bruce spent years as an executive for WWE and TNA. His knowledge of the business fascinates people. Prichard has not revealed details of his stats. However, it was impressive enough for Jarrett to choose him over Russo. Bruce is now an on screen character on Impact Wrestling.

Vince Russo resents Jeff Jarrett

During his podcast show, Vince Russo shared his feelings on his recent interaction with Jeff Jarrett. He sounded a bit resentful. Russo pointed out that he has quite a history with Jarrett. Vince stated that he helped TNA out when Jeff was dealing with the devastating loss of his wife to cancer. The former lead writer of WWE stated that he did that as a favor. Russo claims that he hated wrestling at that point in time. He still resents the business at times. Vince feels that people in the industry have a tendency to use one another.

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