Wrestling Revealed

Jeff Hardy

Carter announces Hardy signing

A post on Twitter where TNA president Dixie Carter enthusiastically announces that Jeff Hardy has decided to sign a contract to remain with the promotion instead of doing one final run with WWE.
January 26, 2016
Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy falsely advertised

A post on Twitter where Beth Hardy reveals that Jeff Hardy has been falsely advertised by an independent wrestling promoter in Indianapolis.
November 5, 2015
Matt Hardy

Uncle Jeff Hardy

A post on Twitter where Matt Hardy and his son are hanging out with Uncle Jeff Hardy. The three of them appear to be at some sort of party, as balloons can be spotted behind them.
October 19, 2015
Dixie Carter

Jeff Hardy returning to TNA

A post on Twitter where Dixie Carter reveals when Jeff Hardy is going to be making his return to TNA after suffering a serious injury during a dirt bike accident. The former world heavyweight champion is being heavily promoted for a live event that is being held in Pennsylvania.
June 10, 2015