There is a new show on the WWE Network. It is called Bring It To The Table, and it made its debut this week. JBL was on the show, and he managed to create some headlines with comments that he made towards Bret Hart. The former world heavyweight champion openly questioned why one of of the best and most successful performers in the history of the industry is so bitter towards professional wrestling. JBL noted that Hart has a great legacy and made a ton of money during his career, so he should be more at peace with how things turned out.

JBL also noted that Hart was a bit of a hypocrite when he stated that Michael Hayes and the Freebirds should not have been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Hart cited the fact that the legendary trio had a very little impact on World Wrestling Entertainment. JBL pointed out that Hart did not have the same issues when Sting, who spent the majority of his career with WCW, was inducted.

Since JBL considers Hart to be a friend, he tried to be politically correct by asking him to not be upset about the comments that he is making. JBL also pointed out that his own career was ended early because of an injury and that he made peace with it. JBL told Hart that Goldberg did not purposely intend to end his career with that now infamous kick. That was in response to Hart having issues with Seth Rollins injuring a couple of opponents.

Ever since his career was ended premature, Hart has been quite vocal towards certain individuals and situations. JBL becomes one of the few people that have actually been bold enough to publicly call him out for being bitter. Several others feel the same way but have kept it to themselves.

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