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Jamie Noble

Royal Rumble changes

Since the reaction to the match was mostly negative, including those made by Mick Foley and others in the industry, WWE is rumored to be making some major changes with the Royal Rumble next year. While some of those changes could end up being quite drastic, the belief is that much of it will be internal. Jamie Noble might not be the lead agent for the match. That, or management will make it more of a team effort than it is now.
February 19, 2015
Jamie Noble

Royal Rumble match

There were a lot of complaints from the internet wrestling community this year about the overall quality of the Royal Rumble match. It simply did not reach the standards that were set by previous years. Some even stated that this one ranked near the bottom of the list. It has now been revealed that Jamie Noble was the person that WWE chose as the main producer for the match. Considering the complaints, things could change next year.
February 5, 2015