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Taz and TNA issues

There is some backstage heat currently between Taz and TNA. Reports have stated that he purposely skipped a voice over session for a taped episode of Impact Wrestling. It is said that he absolutely refused to get on his flight from New York City to Nashville because he was upset that his pay check was late. Josh Mathews ended up working the episode alone. There are talks that Al Snow could be the replacement commentator if needed.
April 14, 2015
Dixie Carter

TNA upset with Spike

There are reports floating around right now that are stating that TNA officials are upset with Spike TV over how they handled the last couple of episodes of Impact Wrestling that aired on their network. The speculation is that Dixie Carter and company do not feel that they were given a proper sendoff, as they make their way to Destination America. There are those that believe that the reports are overstating things a bit, and the heat isn't as severe as reported.
December 26, 2014