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Hornswoggle falls at wedding

During a recent interview with Journey of a Frontman, Curt Hawkins was asked about the incident at his wedding where Hornswoggle took a fall down the steps. Hawkins was quick to praise his friend as being a really great person. He also revealed that Hornswoggle did the fall on purpose because he wanted to entertain those that were in attendance. Hawkins said that everyone fell for it.
November 7, 2015

Hornswoggle trademark lost

To add further fuel to the fire that he might no longer be with WWE soon, the trademark for Hornswoggle has been allowed to lapse. That will definitely cause people to think that management is purposely getting rid of things associated with the recently suspended performer. This could just be something as simple as management not wanting to produce any more merchandise for him.
October 2, 2015

Hornswoggle being fired

Now that everyone knows that Hornswoggle is serving a 30 day suspension for violating the WWE wellness policy, the speculation now turns to whether or not he will be fired by management. Things are a bit different for the Wisconsin native because he was heavily involved in the recently promotion of the Muppets. Firing him could lead to even more media attention, which the front office obviously does not want.
September 30, 2015

Hornswoggle drug violation

When word first spread that Hornswoggle was being suspended by WWE for a month due to violating the wellness policy for the first time, fans began to speculate as to what drugs he was using at the time. Reports have now surfaced that he might not have actually failed the test. There are talks that he was surprised with a random test at his home. When he was unable to produce urine within a three hour time span, he was given a fail.
September 29, 2015

WWE suspends Hornswoggle

It's been a long time since we last heard about someone violating the wellness policy in WWE. Hornswoggle has broken that streak. The company released an official statement on the matter. They revealed that the man legally known as Dylan Postl is not allowed to work for the company in any capacity for the next thirty days. That means that this is his first violation.
September 28, 2015

Hornswoggle vs Heath Slater

In one of the more heartwarming moments, WWE did Hornswoggle a huge favor. During a live event in his hometown of Green Bay, Road Dogg and John Laurinaitis decided to use their backstage power and allow the diminutive performer to work a match against Heath Slater, which he won. The man legally known as Dylan Postl was also allowed to bring his son to the ring.
August 19, 2015

Hornswoggle still around

Since he has not been featured much on Monday Night Raw and Smackdown lately, the internet wrestling community has naturally wondered if Hornswoggle was still with the company. He is still employed and does a lot of behind the scenes stuff for WWE, including segments on the Network. The guy also does a lot of meet and greets with children.
August 13, 2015

WWE forgotten stable members

A video on YouTube where WWE lists five stable members that you might not have forgotten, including Hornswoggle being in a stable with Triple H.
May 20, 2015

Hornswoggle still in WWE

A photo on Instagram of a rare Hornswoggle sighting.
April 27, 2015
Stephanie McMahon

Hornswoggle request

Posts on Twitter where Hornswoggle asks WWE vice president Stephanie McMahon for a chance.
March 7, 2015