When you are a performer in NXT, one of the calls that you want to receive from the front office is the one that informs you that you need to start working with Terry Taylor. The former WCW executive has been tasked by the company with preparing performers to make the jump from the developmental brand to the main roster in WWE. Hideo Itami has received that call, so he is essentially polishing up on his microphone skills before joining the well known performers on Monday Night Raw or Smackdown Live. His addition to generate more interest from fans in Japan.

The promotion of Itami would come as a surprise to many. The belief was that WWE brought him to the United States so that he can draw in viewers from Japan. Management wanted to expand their WWE Network service into that region and knew that they needed a familiar face to generate interest. The feeling was that Itami could provide that role. However, an ascension to the main roster seemed unlikely because he was not a great talker. It looks like the front office has changed their mind on Itami.

With Shinsuke Nakamura also set to make the jump from NXT to the main roster in WWE, it will be interesting to see how management will handle the two of them. The logical move would be to separate them, having one on Monday Night Raw and the other on Smackdown Live. Doing that enables them to promote both shows to fans in Japan. Having them on the same brand robs the other one of that marketing asset.

With Nakamura more of the showman between the two, it seems like Itami would be a better fit on Smackdown, where fans expect to see more in ring action. He and AJ Styles could have some seriously competitive matches.

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