A very tragic and unfortunate incident took place in Portland, Maine over the weekend. A fan dies at WWE live event.

Fan dies at WWE live event

An elderly man fell out of his chair and hit his head after suffering what appears to be a heart attack. The incident took place very early on in the show. Some are saying only a match or two had taken place before the unnamed person collapsed. Paramedics rushed to provide assistance to the elderly man. He was then taken out on a stretcher. Reports are stating that he was declared dead at the hospital. WWE is more than likely going to be issuing a public statement in regards to the matter.

Elderly man was a caretaker for possibly missing man

A witness in the arena believes that the elderly man might have been a caretaker. He was there with another person that appeared to have Down Syndrome. Things were a bit hectic as the paramedics spent approximately 20 minutes attempting to revive the elderly man. The witness stated that police officers attempted to find the other man to ensure his safety. No word yet on whether that search was successful. With lots of people at a WWE live event, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd.

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