Eva Marie leaving Total Divas is something that WWE has been expecting. Management knows that she is leaving the company altogether. Eva Marie has her contract expiring soon. Both sides agreed that it would be best to move on. It did not make a lot of sense to keep featuring her on Total Divas is she will no longer be wrestling for the company. The reality television show featured Eva Marie dealing with her suspension from World Wrestling Entertainment. The red head had violated the wellness policy. WWE and the E! Network will be finding a replacement for her on the cast.

Total Divas cast members returning

With the show heading into its seventh season, it is safe to say that Total Divas has been a success for WWE. The network is happy with the ratings and viewership. World Wrestling Entertainment is happy that their brand is being featured outside of their usual targets. Much of the reason for the success is the core cast members. Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Natalya and Naomi have helped make Total Divas a success. All four of those ladies are going to be returning the cast for the next season. WWE simply needs to find a couple of more divas to complement the quartet.

Eva Marie replacement on Total Divas

Total Divas does not necessarily need to replace Eva Marie on the cast. However, it makes sense to provide another person the opportunity to shine on the show. It also makes it easier for the producers to come up with more content as well. Total Divas is going to be interviewing a couple of candidates to replace Eva Marie. One of their top targets is Charlotte Flair. She is a natural choice because she has risen up the ranks in WWE. This is a great chance to showcase the second generation diva to outside opportunities.

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