In WWE, there are usually about a dozen elephants sitting in the room.

Eva Marie decided to address the one with her name on there.

During an interview with the Wrestling Observer, the 32 year old addressed the rumors that World Wrestling Entertainment gave her push to Lana. There were rumors floating around that Eva Marie was going to be featured on Smackdown Live.

Over the past couple of weeks, Lana has indeed been featured on Smackdown. She has transitioned from a valet to an in ring performer.

WWE has also handed Lana a quick push. She immediately moved into a title program with Naomi. The two of them locked horns at Money in the Bank while the rest of the divas on the brand worked the big ladder match.

Some feel that role was meant for Eva Marie.

When asked about the rumors, she gave a bit of an odd answer. Eva Marie stated that it might not be possible for a performer to receive a push that was originally intended for someone else. Though that has happened before in the business, she tried to make it seem like something unusual.

Eva Marie also revealed that she is not privy to creative plans in WWE that far ahead in advance so she does not if she was scheduled for a push. The California native hopes that was not the case.

World Wrestling Entertainment fans will not be seeing Eva Marie for a while. Though she disputed the rumors about her complete departure, she also confirmed that she is going to be working on outside projects for a while.

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