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Eric Young

Rey Mysterio in House of Hardcore

Fans who attended the House of Hardcore event over the weekend were already being treated to a great show because Tommy Dreamer once again managed to stack the card with well known stars. However, the hardcore legend wanted to give his paying customers a little bit more. Rey Mysterio made his surprising debut with the promotion. It was also his return to the ECW arena. Mysterio saved Dreamer from Ethan Carter and Eric Young.
March 8, 2015
Ethan Carter

Ethan Carter on WWE

During a recent interview with This is Awesome Wrestling Show, Ethan Carter was asked to compare the differences between the two big wrestling promotions that he has worked for. He stated that he really enjoyed being with TNA because management allows the performers a lot more freedom to be their own boss. They're allowed to make extra money elsewhere, whereas WWE does not allow their performers to freelance.
February 20, 2015