On Monday Night Raw, an Enzo Amore attack happened backstage. The culprit is a mystery. However, it might turn out to be his own tag team partner. For the time being, though, it appears that WWE is going to stretch out the story line for a couple of weeks. Doing that gives Amore and Big Cass something to do. Plus, it keeps the audience guessing, which means that they might be more interested in the story line. World Wrestling Entertainment might try to throw the audience for a loop. The belief, though, is that this will be the start of a big singles push for Cass.

WWE pointing fingers at the Revival

To further the story line on Monday Night Raw, WWE is pointing the finger at the Revival. They are trying to make it seem like Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder are the ones that attacked Enzo Amore. That makes it seem a bit too obvious. Every once in a while World Wrestling Entertainment tries to surprise the audience. Dawson and Wilder could simply be pawns as the story line still seems like it is building towards a feud between Amore and Big Cass.

Big Cass going solo

WWE has long had plans for Big Cass to eventually go solo. The hope is that he can gain some momentum while being partnered up with Enzo Amore. The two of them have managed to do that so far. Audiences around the world seem to enjoy their act. They chant along with Amore and Cass in just about every city that World Wrestling Entertainment visits. However, the end game has always been about Big Cass. The attack on Amore could be how WWE kick starts that push into the heavyweight division.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass split is risky

Now might not be the best time for a split between Enzo Amore and Big Cass. While they are still somewhat popular with the fans, their momentum has declined a bit. That tends to happen when WWE does not come up with something creative for the performers to work with. The Amore attack might be their way of trying to spruce things up for both characters. Cass is still considered a work in progress by many in World Wrestling Entertainment. He is solid in the ring. However, his ability to speak is still limited to reciting the same catchphrase every night.

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