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El Torito

Los Matadores dumps El Torito

As some of you may already know, Los Matadores are in line for a gimmick change, as management wants them to freshen up the tag team division a bit. To further that story line, WWE set things up on Monday Night Raw. The duo attacked long time manager El Torito, which provides the creative department with the opportunity to write him out of the story line in case they cannot come up with something new for him.
September 8, 2015
Los Matadores

Los Matadores gimmick change

Even though they are both solid performers, fans simply have a hard time getting behind Los Matadores. WWE likes having them around because they are reliable and responsible. Management is trying to come up with a gimmick change for the duo, so that they can continue to be useful in the tag team division. That does not necessarily mean that El Torito will be out of a job anytime soon, though.
September 3, 2015