Wrestling Revealed

Mike Tenay to GFW

While he would never publicly acknowledge his interest until he is contractually able to do so, the belief is that Mike Tenay would be very interested in joining Jeff Jarrett in GFW. The promotion still needs a lead commentator for when they start doing televised events. Some are under the belief that Tenay is not completely happy in TNA because he is now a producer instead of a commentator. Tenay was replaced by Josh Mathews this year.
March 5, 2015

Brock Lesnar to IGF

While the internet wrestling community has been on the edge of their seats while keeping up with all the news surrounding Brock Lesnar, the legendary Antonio Inoki is listening just as intently. He still has plans on contacting the heavyweight champion to see what he wants to do after his contract with WWE expires. While Lesnar is unlikely to sign a long term deal, Inoki would love to pay him big bucks for a couple of matches in the summer.
March 3, 2015

Edge to TNA

While things did not exactly worked out as planned, TNA should be commended for the effort that they put into the first episode of Impact Wrestling on Destination America. Management worked the phones furiously, in an attempt to bring in some big name players to create a buzz for the show. Reports have surfaced that they made some calls to Edge to gauge his interest in signing a contract and becoming the on screen authority figure.
January 13, 2015