Raising the fashion bar w/ a good bud. GQ Editor in Chief, Jim Nelson. I shot my first GQ cover years ago when I first transitioned into Hollywood. Had no clue what I was doing in that shoot. How to pose, how to look, what to do. Do I blue steel, do I not blue steel, is blue steel even a real thing? WTF. Had no clue. Figured in that moment and moving forward the best thing I could always be was just be myself. That was also the time that Jim Nelson first became Editor in Chief at GQ. We were both very new in our respective roles, but hungry, focused and willing to put in the hard work to shake things up and blaze new trails in our businesses. Now years later, Jim Nelson and GQ are the most powerful and influential names on the planet in the world of Men's Fashion. And I'm just running around dropping F-bombs and thinkin' about what kind of tires to put on my next pick up truck. Truly a pleasure and honor to collaborate once again with Jim Nelson and his brilliant fashion team at GQ. Raise the bar. Have some fun. And just be you. Coming soon… #GQ 🔥🤙🏾

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