Interesting Dusty Rhodes facts

  • His real name is Virgil Runnels.
  • Dusty Rhodes was born in Austin, Texas.

Vince McMahon mocked Dusty Rhodes with the Virgil character

The war between the NWA and WWE was a pretty ugly one. The two sides took turns jabbing one another on a business level. However, there were also personal moments as well. When World Wrestling Entertainment decided to introduce a character that was basically a slave to the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, someone suggested to Vince McMahon to use the name “Virgil”. That is the real life first name of Dusty Rhodes, who was the lead writer in the NWA at the time. McMahon apparently loved the idea and ran with it. Years later, when Mike Jones ended up working for WCW, he portrayed a character named “Vincent”. The belief is that it was a jab back at McMahon.

Dusty Rhodes purposely used blood to get fired by WCW

For years, Dusty Rhodes was in charge of doing the major storylines for the NWA/WCW. Once Turner Broadcasting System took over the company, management started interfering. That fact did not sit well with Rhodes. Once Dusty hit a boiling point, he decided to fire back at TBS. He decided to get himself into some hot water. Dusty Rhodes booked a gruesome segment where the Road Warriors turned on him and used a steel spike from their shoulder pads as a weapon. They gouged his eyes and Rhodes bled profusely. That led to his firing.

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