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Roman Reigns drug test

Yesterday, it was reported that Brock Lesnar had grown frustrated with WWE and left during Monday Night Raw. That has led to a frenzy of speculations. The rumor getting the most attention is that Roman Reigns allegedly failed a drug test. It is being said that Lesnar was upset that management was not willing to suspend Reigns and change the plans for Wrestlemania. Nothing has been confirmed at this point, but the company is said to be denying it.
February 25, 2015

Brian Kendrick training in WWE

A name that many people thought would never be making a return to WWE was Brian Kendrick. After all, he earned a good amount of backstage heat towards him by reportedly failing multiple drug tests. It got so bad that his main event push was derailed. Apparently, a lot has changed since then, as Kendrick has been working a one week tryout with the company to see if he could be a viable option as a trainer for the developmental program.
December 12, 2014