Wrestling Revealed

Steve Austin

Steve Austin uses Viagra

During his latest podcast interview, Steve Austin revealed to the world that he uses Viagra, a drug that helps erectile dysfunction. He stated that he doesn't necessarily need the medication, but he utilizes it because it helps him be a better performer in bed. Austin stated that he is 50 years old, so he wants to have as much pleasure in his life as possible.
June 11, 2015

Waltman raped Chyna

If the words of Chyna are to be believed, then Sean Waltman drugged and raped her on the night that they filmed their infamous sex tape. She repeated those claims during an interview recently. Waltman is continuing to deny that he would do something that heinous towards her. He also states that he has proof that she consented to the video being made.
June 10, 2015
Val Venis

Val Venis on marijuana

If you take a glance at his social media accounts, it won't take you long to figure out that Val Venis is a fan of marijuana. Really big fan actually. The former Intercontinental Champion has gotten to the point now where he seems obsessed with the drug. During a recent interview, he revealed that he is an advocate for weed because it saved his life. It enabled him to live a normal life without relying on painkillers, which he used on a daily basis at one point.
June 7, 2015
Junkyard Dog

Junkyard Dog on drugs

When the Junkyard Dog died while falling asleep behind the wheels as he was driving to watch his daughter graduate, many were just under the assumption that the lovable wrestler was tired from being on the road for hours. Now, it appears that it could have been drug related. It has now been revealed that JYD was abusing cocaine before he passed away. His substance abuse issues were not something that the public was aware of.
June 2, 2015
Randy Orton

Randy Orton drug use

Generally, WWE likes to keep skeletons in the closet because they do not want others using that as ammunition against the company and their often times damaged reputation. That is why it comes as a bit of a surprise that management is having Randy Orton talk about his past drug addition on an upcoming DVD. There were rumors that were floating around for years about Orton, and his loyal fans denied that there were any drug issues.
May 23, 2015
Brock Lesnar

Roman Reigns drug test

Yesterday, it was reported that Brock Lesnar had grown frustrated with WWE and left during Monday Night Raw. That has led to a frenzy of speculations. The rumor getting the most attention is that Roman Reigns allegedly failed a drug test. It is being said that Lesnar was upset that management was not willing to suspend Reigns and change the plans for Wrestlemania. Nothing has been confirmed at this point, but the company is said to be denying it.
February 25, 2015
Brian Kendrick

Brian Kendrick training in WWE

A name that many people thought would never be making a return to WWE was Brian Kendrick. After all, he earned a good amount of backstage heat towards him by reportedly failing multiple drug tests. It got so bad that his main event push was derailed. Apparently, a lot has changed since then, as Kendrick has been working a one week tryout with the company to see if he could be a viable option as a trainer for the developmental program.
December 12, 2014