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Drew McIntyre

TNA Rising

Since the Beat Down Clan needed a foe, a new stable has been formed in TNA. The leader of the group is Drew Galloway, formerly known as Drew McIntyre in WWE. Joining him are Shaun Ricker and the man formerly known as Camacho, who happens to be the son of former WCW star Haku. The trio is known as The Rising. No word yet if this is a permanent pairing, as there is a good chance it could be done to build up one match.
March 14, 2015

Drew McIntyre and Crimson

For those that have not heard, former WWE star Drew McIntyre recently made his debut on Impact Wrestling. He is now under contract to TNA. Many are curious to see how much of a push he is going to receive, as some felt that he should have already been a main event performer in this industry by now. His current company wants to start him off a bit slower than what fans would like. There are talks that he will form a tag team with Crimson.
February 18, 2015