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Tommy Dreamer

TNA calling Drew McIntyre

In a rather interesting little tidbit, Drew McIntyre almost never signed with TNA. He said that he was sleeping at the time and didn't recognize the number that was calling, so he simply threw his phone on the bed. The front office tried contacting him a couple of times and failed. Then, Tommy Dreamer decided to take things into his own hands by sending a text message to McIntyre to let him know that the company wanted to sign him.
April 10, 2015
Drew McIntyre

TNA Rising

Since the Beat Down Clan needed a foe, a new stable has been formed in TNA. The leader of the group is Drew Galloway, formerly known as Drew McIntyre in WWE. Joining him are Shaun Ricker and the man formerly known as Camacho, who happens to be the son of former WCW star Haku. The trio is known as The Rising. No word yet if this is a permanent pairing, as there is a good chance it could be done to build up one match.
March 14, 2015
Drew Galloway

Drew Galloway speech

A video on YouTube of a segment from the latest episode of Impact Wrestling where Drew Galloway, former known as Drew McIntyre, cuts a speech about why he is in TNA. He also takes a shot at WWE.
March 8, 2015
Drew McIntyre

Drew Galloway debut

A video on YouTube of the Drew Galloway debut on the latest episode of Impact Wrestling. The new TNA star was formerly known as Drew McIntyre in WWE.
February 21, 2015

Drew McIntyre and Crimson

For those that have not heard, former WWE star Drew McIntyre recently made his debut on Impact Wrestling. He is now under contract to TNA. Many are curious to see how much of a push he is going to receive, as some felt that he should have already been a main event performer in this industry by now. His current company wants to start him off a bit slower than what fans would like. There are talks that he will form a tag team with Crimson.
February 18, 2015
Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre news

While the company will never admit to keeping up with the competition, WWE is rumored to be heavily interested in news on Drew McIntyre. Many are curious to see what he can accomplish now that he is under contract with TNA. A lot of people backstage feel that he could have easily been a main event performer had he not lost the faith off management due to some unfair perception that was conceived about his lack of toughness.
February 14, 2015
Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre debut

A video from YouTube of Drew McIntyre making his TNA debut during an upcoming episode of Impact Wrestling.
February 2, 2015
Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre to TNA

As many of you already know, Impact Wrestling is being taped in Europe this week. When the episodes are broadcast on Destination America, a familiar face is going to be making a surprise appearance. Drew McIntyre has signed on for a brief stint. The belief is that he will be shooting some segments while the promotion is still overseas. A deal may take place that will enable him to work full time with the company in the United States.
January 30, 2015