Wrestling Revealed

Kota Sekifuda to TNA

A new face will be showing up in TNA soon. Kota Sekifuda is reportedly being sent to the United States by Big Japan Wrestling to gain some more experience. They somehow worked a deal with Dixie Carter to allow him to gain that experience through her promotion. Sekifuda is a rookie in the business, and he will more than likely work a couple of hardcore matches during his tenure because BJW is known for that style.
March 19, 2015

TNA touring again

Since they needed to focus on securing a deal with Destination America and getting talent to sign new contracts, TNA has not been able to work on reviving their struggling live events business. That should be changing soon, as management recently held a meeting to ensure to the performers that they will be back on the road soon enough. Company president Dixie Carter is aiming to do weekly live events again as soon as June or July.
March 12, 2015

No TNA pay per view

While a lot has been changing within the company, one of the things that TNA will not be changing as of right now is their plans for pay per view events. Dixie Carter still believes that the best thing for business right now is to avoid going down that avenue for the time being because it simply is not profitable. The company will eventually want to get back into the pay per view business, but it will not do so until things have improved tremendously.
January 1, 2015