With the television taping schedule coming up for Impact Wrestling, all eyes will be on TNA to see just how involved Dixie Carter is going to be now that Anthem Entertainment Group has taken over as the majority owner. According to those close to the situation, Carter is essentially done as the lead decision maker in the promotion. That job now belongs to Ed Nordholm, who is an executive with Anthem. Carter will essentially join the advisory board, providing suggestions here and there. She still remains a minority equity shareholder, though that does not give her much power in terms of vetoing big decisions.

Officially, Carter is resigning as the Chairman of Impact Ventures. She will now focus on global expansion for all combat related entities owned by Anthem. While much of the internet wrestling community fails to see her as an asset in business, executives at Anthem are fully aware of the work that she did in securing television rights all over the planet for Impact Wrestling and TNA. Carter was even able to get into markets that WWE had failed to secure. She may be tasked with upcoming negotiations for Impact Wrestling television rights. Carter might also be asked to find even more markets to tap into.

Jeff Jarrett is still in negotiations with Anthem for a front office position. The belief is that Nordholm wants to bring the founder of TNA back into the mix so that he can continue to run the wrestling side of things without having to worry too much about the business side. That was something that many felt overwhelmed Jarrett during his initial run with the company. Considered a gifted mind with the on screen stuff, the former world heavyweight champion can then focus on what he does best. No word yet on the status of Global Force Wrestling if Jarrett were to return to Total Nonstop Action.

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