Wrestling Revealed


Jake Roberts visiting Raw

A post on Instagram where Natalya revealed that Jake Roberts is backstage at Monday Night Raw and hanging out with the WWE stars. The legendary performer looks much better than he did before Diamond Dallas Page helped get his life back in order.
July 13, 2015
Diamond Dallas Page

Hogan and DDP

A photo on Instagram of WWE star Hulk Hogan goofing around backstage and taking a selfie with Diamond Dallas Page.
March 27, 2015
Diamond Dallas Page

DDP at Royal Rumble

As many of you already know by now, WWE loves having surprise entrants in the Royal Rumble each year. Management feels that the element of surprise is a major selling point for the pay per view. As always, they have been working the phones to see who would be a good candidate to fill those spots this year. A name that is being pushed heavily backstage is Diamond Dallas Page, who is now viewed as the ultimate good guy in the industry.
January 19, 2015