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Andre the Giant

David Otunga at Wrestlemania

Since his wife is against the idea of him being on the road so much, David Otunga is very unlikely to be a full time in ring performer for WWE anytime soon. However, he might be getting a match at Wrestlemania. There are talks that Otunga could be used in the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal. The company normally would not do that, but since Otunga is viewed as somewhat of a celebrity, the idea would be given some considerations.
March 7, 2015
David Otunga

David Otunga returns

A name that has been forgotten by many WWE fans is David Otunga, who has not been on the road with the company for quite some time now. His last televised match was back at Wrestlemania. The Illinois native could be making his return to Monday Night Raw very soon. Otunga worked a live event in Tennessee over the weekend. Management had him teaming up with Titus O'Neil in a tag team match against Los Matadores.
January 10, 2015