Wrestling Revealed

Brock Lesnar winning

There are talks coming out of WWE right now that if Brock Lesnar were to sign a new contract to remain with the company, then he would be rewarded with a victory over Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania. He would still be allowed to work the limited schedule that he has been on while continuing to carry the heavyweight championship. Management would then put the IC and US belt on Daniel Bryan and John Cena respectively so they can headline live events.
March 18, 2015

Daniel Bryan on Smackdown

Patience is not a virtue for everyone. Initially, the plan was to save the televised in ring return for Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble because that would have the most impact on fans. He would work non televised live events prior to that to prepare for the big pay per view. WWE, however, has changed their minds and decided to pull the trigger early. Bryan will now be making his return on an episode of Smackdown, which is now moving to Thursday.
January 9, 2015

Daniel Bryan returning

While many people are already aware that WWE is going to save his televised in ring return for the Royal Rumble, Daniel Bryan is actually going to be back at work before then. He has been booked for a couple of matches at live events prior to the pay per view. The move is obviously being done to get rid of the expected ring rust that he has accrued since being on the sidelines for so long. He might still make appearances on Monday Night Raw, however.
January 8, 2015