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Damien Sandow push

As of right now, it looks as if Damien Sandow will split from The Miz at Wrestlemania during the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal. A feud between the two is expected to ensue. While Sandow will be receiving some sort of a push because management was aware of the reaction that he was receiving from the audience, very few expect WWE to push him very far up the ladder. The belief is that Sandow will not get too close to the main event.
March 14, 2015

Damien Sandow at Wrestlemania

It appears that WWE has decided to shelve the much anticipated match between Damien Sandow and The Miz at Wrestlemania. The belief is that there simply is not enough time at the pay per view for these two guys to be given a match on their own. The belief is that their story line will definitely be played out in the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal. You can bet money that Sandow will more than likely eliminate his boss.
March 11, 2015

Miz and Sandow split

Instead of continuing to milk one of the best gimmicks in all of professional wrestling, WWE has decided to pull the trigger on the split of the Miz and Damien Sandow. On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, we saw the former firing the latter as his stunt double but keeping him around as his personal assistant. The match between the two could take place as soon as Fast Lane, but there are some backstage wanting it to take place at Wrestlemania.
February 4, 2015