A Curtis Axel return is coming soon to WWE. The former Intercontinental Champion has a new movie coming out in April, he will need to start promoting.

Curtis Axel return to WWE

Fans that only follow WWE through television have been wondering about the whereabouts of Curtis Axel. The veteran performer is still around. However, he rarely works television matches nowadays. His last appearance on TV took place on Monday Night Raw back in December. Axel lost to Braun Strowman that night. The big man simply needed fodder for his big push. Axel mostly works live events. World Wrestling Entertainment likes that he is very reliable on the road.

Curtis Axel in The Marine 5

Soon enough, WWE will heavily start promoting the release of The Marine 5. The movie will be available in April. The Miz has taken over the reigns of the film series from John Cena and Randy Orton. In the fifth installment, World Wrestling Entertainment decided to put some familiar faces in the supporting cast. Curtis Axel, Heath Slater and Bo Dallas are also all in the movie. The belief is that they are portraying an antagonist biker gang. Maryse and Naomi both have parts as well.

Curtis Axel at Wrestlemania 33

Since he is a reliable veteran, Curtis Axel has a lot of supporters backstage in WWE. Management might consider rewarding him with a spot at Wrestlemania 33. Of course, Axel is not going to be in a high profile match or anything like that. However, he could end up as a participant in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. That usually takes place on the kickoff show. It is a nice way for World Wrestling Entertainment to give Axel something to do at the pay per view.

Axel is a prime example of someone having job security without the possibility of a big push.

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