Some interest Curt Hawkins stripper gimmick details are out in the open now. The veteran performer reveals just how badly WWE wanted his gimmick to succeed.

Vince McMahon loved the Curt Hawkins stripper gimmick

Throughout the years, Vince McMahon has had odd fascinations with certain gimmicks. If he find something that personally amuses him, then he puts a lot behind it. McMahon actually paid for Curt Hawkins to attend stripper classes. During his days off from WWE, Hawkins would attend the class in order to make the gimmick more believable. He was willing to do it to guarantee himself a push since McMahon really loved the idea.

Tyler Reks leaves WWE

The stripper gimmick did not last too long for Curt Hawkins. He and Tyler Reks barely performed the routine as a tag team. While walking backstage together one day, Reks informed Hawkins that he was leaving WWE. Reks was ready to move on from pro wrestling and start a technology company. So, Hawkins had to scramble. He knew that he needed the gimmick in order to maintain his position within the company. Without it, he was expendable. Hawkins attempted to convince Triple H to let him form a tag team with the man who would become Fandango. He wanted the stripper gimmick to continue.

Fandango gets stripper gimmick

Unfortunately for Curt Hawkins, teaming up with Fandango never happened. He had a conversation with Triple H. The latter said that he would think about it. According to Hawkins, HHH ended up giving the gimmick to Fandango. So, Hawkins gave up on that idea. Another unfortunate thing happened afterwards. Hawkins ended up injuring his knee. He knew his remaining tenure in WWE would be short. Hawkins admits to being bitter about his release. However, things worked out in the end. Hawkins ended up back with World Wrestling Entertainment.

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