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Crimson returning

Since his attempt at being picked up by WWE has reportedly failed, it looks like Crimson is looking into other options to remain in the professional wrestling industry. There are reports stating that he is currently in negotiations with TNA on a full time contract. The 29 year old showed up earlier this week and worked a television taping of Xplosion. The belief is that a new deal had not been signed and that it was a one time thing for now.
February 15, 2015

Crimson to WWE

Since management had no choice but to focus on securing a new television deal for Impact Wrestling, TNA allowed several of their performers to become free agents because contracts were not being negotiated during that period of time. One of those performers is Crimson, and there's a good chance that he might not be back. He's currently down in Florida, doing a one week tryout for WWE. He has a good look, experience and is a former military personnel, so his chances are good.
December 11, 2014