Wrestling Revealed

Lesnar helping Punk

While they might have been portrayed enemies inside of a professional wrestling ring by WWE, the relationship between CM Punk and Brock Lesnar is much more cordial outside of it. During a recent interview, Punk revealed that Lesnar contacted him when he announced that he had signed a contract to fight for UFC. Lesnar offered to help Punk in anyway he can. The belief is that Lesnar will still be heading back to the world of MMA in a couple of months.
February 17, 2015

CM Punk contract with UFC

"Once bitten, twice shy," is a phrase that CM Punk is definitely aware of. While negotiating a contract with UFC, the former world heavyweight champion had his lawyers looking over the paperwork. They spent more time than usual on the deal to ensure that there are no confusing or misleading language. Punk specifically stated that his experience with WWE has caused him to be a bit more cautious, even though he has a good relationship with company president Dana White.
December 8, 2014