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CM Punk documentary

Challengers Comics had an event in Chicago on Saturday, and CM Punk made a rare public appearance to promote his new Thor comic book. In a sign that his popularity is still massive, the line of fans waiting to see him wrapped around three blocks. Many stood in 15 degree temperature for hours just for the opportunity to meet and greet the former WWE and current UFC star. Camera crews were filming the event for a documentary.
March 1, 2015

CM Punk writing Thor

USA Today was given a brief preview of the new Thor comic book that CM Punk is writing. The story involves Mephisto coming back in time and having a drinking contest with the hammer wielding superhero. Other aspects of the story revealed were that Thor was being irresponsible and having way too much fun being the god of thunder. Punk will more than likely show how the character matures before becoming a member of the Avengers.
January 31, 2015

CM Punk removed

In another sign that the two sides are drifting apart further and further, WWE has ordered a comic book production company called Paper Cutz to remove CM Punk from any upcoming material produced for the company. Reports are stating that Punk has full rights to his name and usage, so the move had to be done. If that were the case, then this is a huge victory for the performers, as many of them have had to forfeit their rights, in order to get a contract.
January 5, 2015