A lot of people want to see a CM Punk return. A promoter in England, though, wants to see it much more than the average person. Daniel Hinkles has confirmed that he has made a million dollar offer to Punk. He wants him to work a tournament for 5 Star Wrestling. The company is trying hard to make waves with this event. The fact that there will be 128 contestants is a clear sign of that. Tournaments usually are not that big. Bringing in Punk would help out quite a bit with that goal. The former WWE star would generate more than enough attention for 5 Star Wrestling.

CM Punk star power

There are a lot of critics who feel that CM Punk is no longer relevant to pro wrestling. Many of those people are still bitter towards the Straight Edge Superstar for leaving WWE. For whatever reasons, they feel that Punk was personally obligated to them to stay in the business. The man legally known as Phil Brooks is still rather relevant. His name is still chanted at various wrestling shows across the world. The fact that Daniel Hinkles is offering him a million dollars is further evidence that Punk remains in the minds of wrestling fans. Even if he does not accept the deal to return, the Chicago native is already generating media attention for 5 Star Wrestling.

CM Punk return unlikely

For most people, turning down a million dollars is something rather difficult to do. For CM Punk, the decision is a bit easier. The 38 year old made a ton of money in WWE. It has long been rumored that he was very wise with financial decisions. Some say that he could easily go into retirement right now if he wanted to. Punk also cashed in a pretty nice paycheck from Dana White and UFC not too long ago. The odds of Punk accepting the million dollars from Daniel Hinkles are very slim. His return is unlikely to happen with 5 Star Wrestling.

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