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SoCal Val

SoCal Val back with TNA

Since Christy Hemme opted to remain in the United States, TNA signed SoCal Val to replace her during the tour of Europe. It was supposed to have been a temporary move, but it is now looking like it might become a permanent one. Two longtime producers have opted to leave the company, which means that management will have to move people around backstage. Christy could be utilized more as a producer, which frees up Val to be the announcer.
March 2, 2015
Christy Hemme

Christy Hemme nude

Those of you that are hoping to see Christy Hemme nude again are going to have to seek out old photos of her that are still floating around on the internet. She reportedly has ruled out the possibility of ever posing nude again now that she has a daughter and is married. The Knockout is heavily focused on her family and her new backstage career in TNA. For those that do know, Christy has been given a bit more creative control by management.
February 14, 2015