Everyone in the world wishes they could live the way they want.

Only a few get to do so.

Chris Jericho is one of those people. When he talks about wanting to have fun in WWE, he means it. That is what he is looking for more when he straps on his wrestling boots and pulls up those sometimes a bit snug tights.

Chris Jericho comeback

The veteran performer has been off television for a couple of weeks. WWE fans are now accustomed to this. Jericho leaves every so often for outside projects.

For this particular time away, the project is Fozzy. The band just finished up the first part of their tour. They are taking some time off until the end of October. Then, they will make their way through Europe for the Judas Rising Tour.

Music is always going to be a passion for Chris Jericho. However, he keeps wrestling in mind.

Jericho returned to WWE this week. He worked a live event in Singapore. Chris will also be doing shows in Japan as well.

Chris Jericho vs Hideo Itami

A clear sign that Chris Jericho is having fun is by looking at his opponent on the tour.

Hideo Itami.

There is no history between Jericho and Itami. Chris and Hideo were not tag team partners who came to a bitter end. They have not been locked in a brutal and bloody battle over one of the championship belts in WWE. In fact, the Japanese star wasn’t even on the main roster. He was down in NXT.

Chris Jericho more than likely requested Hideo Itami as his opponent. Working with someone new seems like something that would appeal to Jericho. In the past, Chris has been complimentary of Hideo. Getting in the ring with Itami might have been something on his wishlist.

Another reason why Jericho might have requested Itami is because Chris wants to put Hideo over in front of his home crowd. The former will more than likely be portraying the heel when the two of them lock up in Japan. WWE is doing two shows in Tokyo later on this week.

Chris Jericho retirement

While a lot of WWE fans are pleased that Chris Jericho is getting to do what he wants, it also might end up being a bad thing for them. It means that he might never make another extended return to the company.

Jericho surprised a lot of people recently when he tossed out the idea that retirement could be in the works. Chris will only keep doing stints with World Wrestling Entertainment as long as he is having fun.

Big Show was recently a guest on the podcast interview show that Chris Jericho hosts. The two of them share the same feelings towards live events in WWE. They feel that it is much more fun when they can focus solely on entertaining the audience as opposed to worry about what looks good on television.

There will be a day later on this year when Chris Jericho and WWE officials sit down again. The two sides will discuss another possible return. If the company does not have an interesting idea that will tickle his fancy then Jericho might actually decide to walk away for good.

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