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ROH desperate

Since there are still some financial issues lingering, ROH is said to be quite desperate to get a television deal done with Spike TV. The move would help resolve a lot of things, and it would help them advance to a point in business that they have never been before. However, there is a major obstacle standing in the way of Joe Koff. The network is concerned about being associated with a scripted sport because they want to emphasize real sports.
March 20, 2015

Jimmy Jacobs to WWE

When word initially broke out that Jimmy Jacobs was signing with WWE, the belief was that he would be doing so as an in ring performer. That apparently is not the case at all. Reports have now surfaced that Jacobs will be joining the creative department in an unannounced role. The former ROH star has long been regarded within the industry as someone that gets the business and has a lot of creativity, so the move makes a lot of sense.
March 17, 2015

Jarrett scouted Steen

During a recent interview, Jeff Jarrett admitted that he had been scouting Kevin Steen as a potential member of his GFW roster before the former ROH heavyweight champion decided to take his services to NXT. Jarrett spoke highly of the man now known as Kevin Owens, and many are under the belief that he is doing that because he wants to keep the business relationship open, in case things do not work out for Owens in WWE for whatever reasons.
December 31, 2014