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Verne Gagne

Verne Gagne funeral controversy

When it was initially reported that Bob Backlund caused an awkward scene at the Verne Gagne funeral, many were under the belief that it was true because the former world heavyweight champion has shown some unusual behaviors in the past. Well, based on what others are now saying about the incident, it was blown out of proportion. Backlund was not purposely trying to disrespect Gagne, something that he has a lot of respect for.
June 4, 2015
Mean Gene Okerlund

Bob Backlund interrupts eulogy

A rather disgusting incident took place during the eulogy for Verne Gagne, who passed away late last month. His son Greg Gagne and Mean Gene Okerlund were the two key speakers at the funeral. For whatever reasons, Bob Backlund rushed to the stage, took the microphone and began cutting a heel promo. Many that attended the event said that it was ridiculously out of place and unwarranted. Backlund has received a lot of heat for the incident.
May 7, 2015
Bob Backlund

John Cena demotion

It's something that a lot of fans have long been begging for, but WWE is finally going to slowly start replacing John Cena as the top star in the company. He would step into the Bruno Sammartino role, while Roman Reigns will step into the Bob Backlund role. For those that do not know about that particular part of wrestling history, Backlund was pushed by the company as the hot new thing even though Sammartino was still the biggest draw.
February 13, 2015