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Alex Riley

Matt Bloom commentating

Since Matt Bloom is taking over for Bill DeMott as the head trainer for WWE, some are wondering whether or not he will continue as the commentator for NXT. The announce table was already thinned out a bit earlier this week when Alex Riley decided to become an in ring performer again and work a program with heavyweight champion Kevin Owens. It would be difficult for Bloom to consult and coach the wrestlers backstage if he is commentating.
March 7, 2015
Bill DeMott

DeMott bullying Rusev

One of the more interesting allegations that were leaked about Bill DeMott this week was the fact that he once bullied Rusev while he was going through the WWE developmental program. It is being said that the former ripped the New York Jets shirt that the latter was wearing because he did not like that particular team. DeMott allegedly also slapped the current United States Heavyweight Champion in the neck, which was injured at the time.
March 4, 2015