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Big Daddy V concerns

While Cassandra Frazier sounds very serious about her allegations, the belief is that WWE is not all that concerned about the lawsuit that she has filed against them this week. Management feels that their legal team should be able to clear up the matter rather swiftly and easily. She is claiming that her husband Big Daddy V died due to head injuries suffered while working for the company. Company lawyers are dealing with similar lawsuits.
February 21, 2015

Big Daddy V lawsuit

Earlier today, it was reported that Cassandra Frazier, who is the widow of Big Daddy V, has filed a lawsuit against WWE, claiming that her husband had died because of injuries suffered while working for the company. Management issued an official statement, saying that they had not been served with the lawsuit yet, but when it does arrive at their doorsteps, they will vigorously defend themselves against the claims in a court of law.
February 19, 2015