Batista wrestling Bray Wyatt is an option for WWE. That would be quite the dream match. The former world heavyweight champion revealed that bit of information while doing an interview on the Chris Jericho podcast show. Initially, Batista stated that he would be willing to make a return to World Wrestling Entertainment if they allowed him to do a final feud with Triple H. Thus far, the company has rejected Dave Bautista. Of course, Vince McMahon recently reached out to him on Twitter. The door might not necessarily be completely closed yet. The two sides might sit down soon to discuss the possibility.

Bray Wyatt

Batista wrestling Bray Wyatt

Depth can be an issue for wrestlers who get close to the top of the ladder. Bray Wyatt has made it to the main event scene after winning the WWE Heavyweight Championship. He has worked against many of the top names in the company. Fresh feuds are needed if a performer wants to avoid growing stale. Batista would certainly be a fresh feud for Wyatt. The fact that Batista is a future WWE Hall of Fame inductee can only help Bray. A feud between the two of them is worthy of being the main event of a pay per view.

Triple H

Batista putting over Bray Wyatt

A lot of fans think that Batista is a selfish individual. It does not help that he mentioned that he was not interested in returning to WWE to put over performers. Batista sounded pretty adamant about only working with Triple H. His tone has changed a bit. During the interview with Chris Jericho, Dave did shower Bray Wyatt with quite a bit of praise. Batista even went far enough to say that he loved everything about Wyatt. There might be a very good chance that the former Evolution member might make an exception for Bray. Batista might be willing to put the second generation star over.

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