There might be some Baron Corbin backstage heat in WWE. He lost cleanly to Sami Zayn at Backlash this past weekend. Corbin was in the mist of a nice push towards the main event scene. Thus, many predicted that he would be picking up the victory at the pay per view. Backstage heat rumors spring up pretty easily whenever World Wrestling Entertainment goes against their formula. Now, fans are left to wonder what is going to happen with Baron over the next couple of weeks. It will also be interesting to see if Baron Corbin is still pushed towards the main event scene in WWE.

Sami Zayn push

One possible explanation is that a Sami Zayn push is in the works. That seems highly unlikely. The former ROH star has seemingly hit the glass ceiling in WWE. Zayn firmly has a spot in the mid card division as a baby face. He will get pay per view spots throughout the year. However, Sami is unlikely to ever be in the main event unless there are multiple performers involved. Even if there was a Sami Zayn push being planned, a clean victory over Baron Corbin is surprising. The big man really had a rocket pack strapped to his back. Backstage heat seems the more logical explanation.

Baron Corbin winning Money in the Bank

Another possible explanation is that WWE is setting up Baron Corbin to win the Money in the Bank. Management has been known to try to trick the audience by downplaying the push of a performer before giving them a big money on a pay per view. That could be the case with Corbin. If so, then that means that there is no backstage heat on him. If WWE does not have Baron winning the MITB, then the backstage heat rumors should become pretty intense.

Baron Corbin backstage heat still on

Rumors about Baron Corbin backstage heat sparked even more after Smackdown Live. Shane McMahon gave him a rematch against Sami Zayn. Some felt that WWE was going to give Corbin some of his heat back with a victory. However, the opposite happened. Baron lasted less than a minute and suffered another loss to Sami. Granted, he received some of his heat back by dishing out a brutal attack on Zayn after the match. Fans, though, are going to remember the quick loss by Baron Corbin more than anything else.

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