There were big Awesome Kong plans in WWE

According to Kia Stevens herself, the company wanted to build her up as the centerpiece of the female division. Kong was almost guaranteed a title run as a monster heel.

She claims that Triple H wanted to use her momentum to help bring in a new girl. The performer would have been utilized as the underdog that was finally able to topple Awesome Kong and her dominance in the division.

Awesome Kong stated that she was not informed as to who the new girl would have been.

Her stint in World Wrestling Entertainment was considered by many to be a disappointment. Some felt that Awesome Kong could have added quite a bit because of her size and strength. She never reached the same levels in WWE that she did in TNA because there were so many issues she was dealing with at the time.

Among the things that she regrets was being able to work against Beth Phoenix. Awesome Kong felt that would have been something that WWE fans would have enjoyed.

Stevens also noted that World Wrestling Entertainment has not contacted her about being a contestant in that upcoming women’s tournament.

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