An Austin Aries return is happening soon. The WWE medical staff cleared him from his eye injury. Aries has been out of action since October of 2016.

Austin Aries return is imminent

While working match against Shinsuke Nakamura, Austin Aries broke his orbital bone. It was a pretty bad injury. Aries posted some gruesome photos of the aftermath on social media. He could barely see out of his left eye. Since management did not want Aries to take additional risks, they instructed the former world champion to take a break. The absence hurt his momentum a bit. It also reduced the depth on the NXT roster.

Austin Aries as commentator

Since management wanted Austin Aries to remain active, they used him in an on screen role. The 38 year old spent a lot of time at the commentating booth. Aries also worked as an interviewer. After he i done as an in ring performer, he could end up in either role for WWE. However, Aries still has plans on being active as a wrestler for the time being.

Austin Aries on the main roster

Since the NXT roster needs depth, some performers might have to wait for a promotion to the main roster. After all, Bobby Roode is going to need challengers. Management, however, does not want to wait on Austin Aries. They already have plans for him on the main roster. A feud between Aries and Roode might have to wait.

Austin Aries vs Neville at Wrestlemania

Since becoming a heel, Neville has found new life with his character. It was enough to win him the cruiser weight championship. WWE is pushing him now than at any point of his stint on the main roster. Neville simply needs an opponent at Wrestlemania 33. There are some talented high flyers on the roster. However, none have compelling characters. Austin Aries fits the bill, so management wants them as opponents on the pay per view.

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