With Austin Aries injured, the former world heavyweight champion might need to take some time away from WWE. During an interview, he acknowledged that his health is not at 100% right now. Aries stated that he needs some time to recuperate. However he also noted that it might just simply be for a weekend or so. Not wanting to sound like someone needing sympathy, Austin also noted that several performers in World Wrestling Entertainment are dealing with nagging injuries as well. Health might have been one of the reasons why management kept the belt on Neville at Extreme Rules. No word yet on when Austin Aries is going to take time away for the injuries.

Austin Aries still working WWE live events

There are rumors floating around that Austin Aries could still continue to work live events for WWE. His hiatus would simply be only in regards to television. By working just live events, Aries can be protected by the front office. Austin can work tag team matches where he will not have to carry as much of the load. Doing that prevents disappointment from fans who were looking forward to seeing Austin Aries. If that does not work out, Aries can always take a weekend off.

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