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Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio injured

February 2, 2015
Despite only having started with the company recently, Alberto Del Rio has suffered his first injury scare with ROH. He hit his head pretty badly while selling a spot on the rail. The former world heavyweight champion was bleeding from the top of his head, his nose and his mouth. There were some concerns from Ring of Honor officials that he might have suffered a concussion, but he reportedly has cleared those tests and will eventually be fine.

Lucha Underground new star
As some of you already know, Lucha Underground has been on a mission as of late to try to sign more performers with name value so that they can increases their presence in the United States. Apparently, they have been able to do that. Alberto Del Rio recently stated that the company has signed another performer that he is really excited about working with. However, he did not list a name because management hasn't announced it yet.
Alberto Del Rio debut
A video on YouTube of Alberto Del Rio making his debut in Lucha Underground. The world heavyweight champion actually does take a little jab at WWE.
WWE in Mexico
As many of you already know, WWE is desperately looking for a star to help them win back fans in Mexico. That might be a bit harder than they were hoping it to be. The feeling right now is that performers in that country are a bit hesitant to sign with the promotion because of how Alberto Del Rio and the original Sin Cara were treated. If two big stars could be treated like that, then the other guys know that they are vulnerable as well.
TNA and AAA talent exchange
For a short period of time earlier this year, TNA and AAA were on opposite sides, as both companies competed to see if they could get former WWE star Alberto Del Rio under contract. That battle is now over, so the sides are trying to see if they can work on something that would be mutually beneficial with one another. Dixie Carter is said to be interested in doing another talent exchange, in hopes of bringing some of the top stars in Mexico to the United States.
WWE Mexican wrestler
Since the company has seen their numbers in Mexico taking a severe drop, Triple H is now heavily pushing for WWE to find themselves another Mexican star that can draw some of the audience back. The criteria right now is that the person has to be at least six feet tall, can work solidly in the ring and is bilingual. Ironically enough, a person that fits that description is Alberto Del Rio, who was recently released by the company for a backstage incident.
Lucha Underground signings
While Lucha Underground has been actively seeking well known talent to join their roster and increase their presence in the United States, they are having trouble signing performers. Aside from Alberto Del Rio, a lot of wrestlers are holding off on signing a contract with the promotion. One of the reasons being speculated for that right now is the fact that a lot of people are waiting to see what Jeff Jarrett can do with his new GFW promotion this year.
Del Rio to Bellator
During a recent interview, Alberto Del Rio stated that he was perfectly fine with remaining in professional wrestling, but he left the door open for MMA if a good deal was on the table. Apparently, a good deal is now on the table. Reports have surfaced that Del Rio is quite close to signing a contract with Bellator for at least one fight. The former world heavyweight champion is also said to be negotiating with other promotions as well.
Del Rio challenges Jay Lethal
On March 1, ROH is throwing a big event to celebrate their 13 year anniversary at the Orleans Casino in Las Vegas. A big match has just been announced. Alberto Del Rio will be challenging Jay Lethal for the Ring of Honor television championship. It is being said that Lethal is one of the guys that Del Rio had on his list of performers that he hoped to work against while he was signed to the company. Lethal should retain the belt.
Rey Mysterio to Lucha Underground
Once he is no longer contractually obligated to WWE, the belief is that Rey Mysterio will continue his career as an in ring performer. While TNA has yet to be removed as a potential destination, the belief is that he will be venturing over to Lucha Underground because he wants to be part of the movement. Along with the already signed and rejuvenated Alberto Del Rio, Mysterio could help the promotion gain more exposure nationwide.
Alberto Del Rio doing MMA
Rumors about Alberto Del Rio going to MMA were sparked not too long ago when reports surfaced that he had an offer on the table from Bellator. During a recent podcast interview with Pro Wrestling Illustrated, the former world heavyweight champion stated that the move was highly unlikely, as he is pleased with the money that he is making in professional wrestling at the moment. He does not completely rule out mixed martial arts, however.
Alberto Del Rio fined
One of the more interesting things that came out of the Pro Wrestling Illustrated podcast interview with Alberto Del Rio is the fact that WWE fines their performers if they were to stray from the scripted promos that the creative department provides for them during Monday Night Raw and Smackdown. The former world heavyweight champion stated that performers were basically like robots. He also revealed that he had been fined a couple of times.
Alberto Del Rio money
The topic of money was recently brought up by Alberto Del Rio during a recent podcast interview with Pro Wrestling Illustrated. He stated that there is definitely life outside of WWE, as he is currently making as much money as he did during his best years with the company. The former world heavyweight champion also revealed that his pay started declining once he got into issues with an unnamed person backstage.
Alberto Del Rio case
During a recent interview, Alberto Del Rio explained that he signed with Lucha Underground and AAA out of loyalty. He stated that he chose them over a company like TNA because of what they did for him while he was in a legal fight with WWE. The Spanish promotions were the ones that introduced him to his lawyer. They also were the ones that covered the expenses, which was said to be quite high since they were battling a big corporation.
Lucha Underground ratings
While the promotion has started gaining a little bit of steam with the internet wrestling community, there is a good amount of disappointment from those involved with Lucha Underground in regards to their ratings. The numbers simply are not as high as management was expecting. The hope is that someone like Alberto Del Rio is going to be able to help move the needle a bit. The company definitely needs more recognizable names.
Alberto Del Rio rejects TNA
A couple of weeks ago, we learned that TNA had put a big money offer and a favorable schedule on the table for Alberto Del Rio, but he declined the contract. That led many to speculate that he had a thing against the company. During a recent interview, Del Rio explained that he has nothing but the utmost respect for the company and the performers. He instead opted to sign with AAA and Lucha Underground out of loyalty.
Alberto Del Rio contract
Right before Impact Wrestling made its debut on Destination America, TNA wanted to make a big splash by signing a well known performer to make a surprise appearance. A $400,000 contract was put on the table for Alberto Del Rio. Management even sweetened the deal by limiting the amount of appearances that he would be required to make during the year. For whatever reasons, the former world heavyweight champion declined the offer.
Alberto Del Rio to Lucha Underground
In a move that has been expected for quite some time now, Lucha Underground has announced that they have signed Alberto Del Rio to a contract. The move does not come as a surprise since he is already under contract to AAA, which is the parent company. Del Rio is also the world heavyweight champion for the promotion, so the belt is more than likely going to be featured in the United States even more so now than ever before.
Alberto Del Rio in MMA
While a lot of wrestling fans are under the impression that he is set to make a big splash in professional wrestling this year, Alberto Del Rio is reportedly still on the fence about where he wants to take his career in 2015. The former world heavyweight champion is still pondering options and offers from MMA. The belief is that if the money is substantially more from real fights, then he will go in that direction for the time being.
Alberto Del Rio wins WWL title
When Alberto Del Rio left WWE, he wanted to prove to the world that a performer can be successful outside of the gigantic worldwide corporation. He did a little bit of that when he captured the world heavyweight championship in AAA. Earlier this week, Del Rio captured another championship belt to add to his collection. During a triple threat match featuring Shane Sewell and Ricky Banderas in Puerto Rico, he captured the WWL championship.
Alberto Del Rio to TNA
Since the company wants to make a big splash when they make their Destination America debut on Wednesday, TNA is said to be making a mad dash right now to get Alberto Del Rio to sign on the dotted line. A huge amount of money is said to be on the table because the move would generate a bit of a buzz. There could be a chance that Del Rio signs a temporary contract to make the move happen. Negotiations would be ongoing after that.
ROH pleased with Del Rio
Often times when a big name superstar works for an independent wrestling promotion, a sense of entitlement in the air could help to ruin things. However, that is not the case with Alberto Del Rio. The former world heavyweight champion is said to be quite pleasant to work with backstage. ROH officials are very pleased with his behavior and are definitely glad that he is willing to bring some of the spotlight to their promotion and wrestlers.
Alberto Del Rio to UFC
Some wild speculations have arisen, in regards to Alberto Del Rio going to UFC. Apparently, some misinformation was spread around among the internet wrestling community. Bellator is the company that is interested in Del Rio. Some reports are even stating that a sizable offer has been made to the former world heavyweight champion. No word yet on how far along those negotiations have come, but Dana White, for sure, has not expressed interest.
WWE contract changes
After losing public battles to CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio, WWE has decided to become a bit stricter with the wording of their contract. Management wants to ensure that the performers are unable to make a living after they leave the company, so there is now reportedly a new clause that prevents them from working in professional wrestling or UFC for an entire year if they are fired from WWE for disciplinary reasons. They also lose royalties as well.
Del Rio opponents in ROH
When ROH reached out to Alberto Del Rio about working some shows for them in 2015, the former world heavyweight champion was allowed input as to which performers that he wanted to work with. Surprisingly, he specifically asked to work with ACH, as Del Rio is impressed with the San Antonio native. He also asked to work matches with Roderick Strong and Kyle O'Reilly. Reports have surfaced that Jay Lethal was another name on the list of opponents.
Bellator signing Alberto Del Rio
There are strong speculations floating around right now that Alberto Del Rio is going to dabble in MMA again, especially since Bellator president Scott Coker flat out stated that his management team has been in contact with the former world heavyweight champion. Del Rio has signed on for a couple of dates with ROH early in 2015, but he could spend the following months, preparing for mixed martial arts, as he does not have another long term deal in place yet.