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Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio to ROH

There is a very good chance that another world heavyweight champion is going to be making his way to ROH very soon. Reports have surfaced that Alberto Del Rio, who recently won the top belt in AAA, has agreed to make a couple of appearances in the early part of next year for the promotion. He will not be a permanent fixture, however, because Del Rio still has plans on signing with Lucha Underground, while continuing to work out of Mexico as well.
December 11, 2014
CM Punk

ROH contacts CM Punk

Prior to the big UFC announcement, CM Punk was being courted by another promotion. He had received a call from Ring of Honor, his former home, to see if he was interested in making a return. The former world heavyweight champion was not interested in being a full time professional wrestler at this point, so he declined. ROH reportedly attempted to get him to make a couple of appearances, but he declined that invitation as well.
December 11, 2014