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Alicia Fox

Evan Bourne on Total Divas

There are rumors floating around that Evan Bourne could be showing up during an episode of Total Divas next season. Alicia Fox posted a photo of herself hanging out with the high flying performer. There are natural speculations from the internet wrestling community that the two of them are involved in a romantic relationship. It will be interesting to see if WWE includes a former star on their reality television show.
March 16, 2015
Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox win loss record

Since she is now being featured on Total Divas, WWE has instructed the creative department to focus a bit more on the win loss record of Alicia Fox. While there are no plans on giving her a huge push at the moment, the goal is to ensure that she is not losing a ton of matches like she used to. Alicia needs to be kept a relevant and competitive performer in order to ensure that her popularity does not take a hit on the reality television show.
January 28, 2015