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Alex Riley

Alex Riley in NXT

It looks like Alex Riley isn't ready to depart WWE just yet. Amid rumors that he was seeking his release from the company after being abruptly dropped from the Royal Rumble match, he showed up at NXT and started a program with one of the developmental wrestlers. It is said that he should be down there for at least a couple of weeks to finish the feud. No word yet on whether or not management will put him back on the main roster.
February 13, 2015
David Otunga

Alex Riley release

Things are still very much up in the air for Alex Riley right now. As many of you already know, he is quite upset with WWE for pulling the rug on his return to the ring at the Royal Rumble. However, a release from his contract has yet to be granted. Management also does not appear to have much interest in him returning full time as an in ring performer. His broadcasting duties have been relieved by the returning David Otunga already.
February 11, 2015
Alex Riley

Alex Riley to TNA

Since he is still young and has a bit of a following from his days as an on screen performer for WWE, the belief is that TNA would definitely be interested in offering Alex Riley a contract once he receives his rumored release. The latter company is no longer under a hiring freeze since they signed a long term deal with Destination America. They would love to add a couple of more recognizable faces, and Riley would not be as expensive as other free agents.
January 28, 2015