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Alex Riley

Kevin Owens vs Alex Riley

Those of you that watch NXT on a regular basis already know how dominant Kevin Owens is being booked by the creative department. He's tearing through opponents at a rapid rate. Officials even put the heavyweight championship on him weeks after his debut. WWE knows that there are only so many guys on the developmental roster, so they are currently thinking about having a veteran performer like Alex Riley put him over as well.
February 25, 2015
Alex Riley

Alex Riley in NXT

It looks like Alex Riley isn't ready to depart WWE just yet. Amid rumors that he was seeking his release from the company after being abruptly dropped from the Royal Rumble match, he showed up at NXT and started a program with one of the developmental wrestlers. It is said that he should be down there for at least a couple of weeks to finish the feud. No word yet on whether or not management will put him back on the main roster.
February 13, 2015