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Del Rio to Bellator

During a recent interview, Alberto Del Rio stated that he was perfectly fine with remaining in professional wrestling, but he left the door open for MMA if a good deal was on the table. Apparently, a good deal is now on the table. Reports have surfaced that Del Rio is quite close to signing a contract with Bellator for at least one fight. The former world heavyweight champion is also said to be negotiating with other promotions as well.
February 6, 2015

Alberto Del Rio doing MMA

Rumors about Alberto Del Rio going to MMA were sparked not too long ago when reports surfaced that he had an offer on the table from Bellator. During a recent podcast interview with Pro Wrestling Illustrated, the former world heavyweight champion stated that the move was highly unlikely, as he is pleased with the money that he is making in professional wrestling at the moment. He does not completely rule out mixed martial arts, however.
January 29, 2015

Alberto Del Rio in MMA

While a lot of wrestling fans are under the impression that he is set to make a big splash in professional wrestling this year, Alberto Del Rio is reportedly still on the fence about where he wants to take his career in 2015. The former world heavyweight champion is still pondering options and offers from MMA. The belief is that if the money is substantially more from real fights, then he will go in that direction for the time being.
January 15, 2015

Bellator signing Alberto Del Rio

There are strong speculations floating around right now that Alberto Del Rio is going to dabble in MMA again, especially since Bellator president Scott Coker flat out stated that his management team has been in contact with the former world heavyweight champion. Del Rio has signed on for a couple of dates with ROH early in 2015, but he could spend the following months, preparing for mixed martial arts, as he does not have another long term deal in place yet.
December 23, 2014