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Alberto Del Rio debut

A video on YouTube of Alberto Del Rio making his debut in Lucha Underground. The world heavyweight champion actually does take a little jab at WWE.
February 17, 2015

Alberto Del Rio contract

Right before Impact Wrestling made its debut on Destination America, TNA wanted to make a big splash by signing a well known performer to make a surprise appearance. A $400,000 contract was put on the table for Alberto Del Rio. Management even sweetened the deal by limiting the amount of appearances that he would be required to make during the year. For whatever reasons, the former world heavyweight champion declined the offer.
January 18, 2015

Alberto Del Rio to TNA

Since the company wants to make a big splash when they make their Destination America debut on Wednesday, TNA is said to be making a mad dash right now to get Alberto Del Rio to sign on the dotted line. A huge amount of money is said to be on the table because the move would generate a bit of a buzz. There could be a chance that Del Rio signs a temporary contract to make the move happen. Negotiations would be ongoing after that.
January 5, 2015