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Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio to New Japan

When it comes to employment, Alberto Del Rio doesn't have to scour through the classifieds. He is very much a wanted man. Reports have surfaced that New Japan has expressed interest in bringing the former world heavyweight champion into the mix. However, management will not do any business with him if he still has ties to AAA. Del Rio needs to be contractually free before the front office is willing to work with him.
October 15, 2015
Alberto Del Rio

Lucha Underground loses money

There are rumors floating around right now that Lucha Underground has lost nearly $20 million thus far. That number is a bit exaggerated. While the promotion will not reveal the number, they are not denying that money was lost this year. Some major changes are being planned in the hopes of being able to continue as a business. Their best bet is if Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio can draw in more of the mainstream fans.
April 6, 2015